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Lake Stevens Cleaning Services

Move In / Out Cleaning (One-Time)

Move In / Out Cleaning (One-Time)

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Lake Stevens Cleaning Services offers the highest level of deep cleaning that your kitchen, bathrooms, and any other area can get. Our services include intensive cleaning of cabinets, both inside and outside, and all appliances inside and out. We also offer vacuuming and mopping for floors, carpet vacuuming, window cleaning, blinds cleaning, white board cleaning, and door cleaning. We guarantee a thorough clean with each visit that will leave you feeling comfortable in your home or office.

- Kitchen:
- Cabinets (inside/outside)
- All Appliances (inside/outside)
- Vacuuming and Mopping Floors
- Carpet Vacuuming
- Bathrooms
- Windows
- Blinds
- White Boards
- Doors

*Estimates listed on this website are based off a house with 2,000sqft. Contact us for a specific quote for your project!*

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