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Lake Stevens House Cleaning Services

Comprehensive Cleaning (One-time)

Comprehensive Cleaning (One-time)

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Lake Stevens House Cleaning Services Comprehensive Cleaning Bundle Option offers customers a complete package of all the services we have to offer. Our experienced team provides services including one-time cleaning, carpet vacuuming, window cleaning, and hardwood floor cleaning.

  • One-time apartment cleaning
  • One-time condo cleaning
  • One-time house cleaning
  • Special event cleaning
  • Seasonal cleaning (spring cleaning)
  • House cleaning gift certificates

Our comprehensive cleaning bundle provides a detailed and thorough clean that will leave your home spotless from top to bottom. Our professional team utilizes the most efficient and modern tools and techniques to get your home looking and feeling completely clean. Our comprehensive clean package allows you to save time and money by booking all of our services in one package.

We specialize in thorough cleaning of kitchens, counter tops, and cabinets as well as all appliances located outside of the home. Other services include vacuuming and mopping of floors, carpet vacuuming, detailing of dust, wiping of white boards, cleaning of bathrooms, and dusting of the laundry room.

- Kitchen Cleaning
- Countertop Cleaning
- Cabinet Cleaning
- Appliance Cleaning (outside)
- Microwave Cleaning (inside)
- Vacuuming - Mopping Floors
- Carpet Vacuuming
- Detailed Dusting
- Baseboard Wipe down Cleaning
- Bathroom Cleaning
- Dusting Laundry Room

*Estimates listed on this website are based off a house with 2,000sqft. Contact us for a specific quote for your project!*

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